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Drop a dress size in the 21 Days!  Join the fit & thick 21 day fitness challenge & start winning in every area of your life!

Here is how to register for the challenge! 

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If you are feeling  that you are one meal away from exploding out of your jeans!

If you are feeling  that going to the gym & working is starting to feel like a chore!

If you are feeling completely alone & by yourself on your fitness 


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You will start to embrace your body again and be the most confident woman in the room!

You will no longer be afarid to get on the scale and feel guilt free while eating your favorite foods!

You will feel empowered because you are surrounded by a community of women cheering you on in your fitness jounery!

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The time is now to get back in your bag sis!! You are more than enough and you deserve to feel good and look good in your own skin!! I know it's hard trying to focus on your fitness jounery while being a wife, a girlfriend, a mom, going to school, working on your career and/or business. It's so easy to forget yourself in the process of doing everything and being everything for everyone else. Sis, let's make YOU a priority again so you can crush all of your goals including your fitness goals!!! Sis, you don't have to do this alone. Let's go on this jounery together. Join the Fit And Thick Back In My Bag 21-Day Fitness Challenge!! I can't wait for you to get back in your bag like you never left!! 

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Follow these steps to join the back in bag 21 day challenge.


Click & add the free "Back In My Bag Challenge Kit" into your cart.