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Stop wasting time working out. The fit & thick membership is for you the everyday woman.  Alot of us are wasting time in the gym, buying expensive fitness programs, & with personal trainers. The truth is most programs are made for althletes & are not made for you. 

Get better fitness & body results. At fit & thick we understand that you are not an athlete but you cannot be fat forever. Learn how to start seeing the results that you are looking for within your body & fitness with the fit & thick workout plan.

Avoid fitness burnout & fatigue. With fit & thick we know you are tired of intense workouts that leave you drained, tired, & unmotivated. Join the fit & thick membership & make your workouts easier.

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Your life before the fit & thick memebership.

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Your life after the fit & thick memebership.

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You will accomplish your fitness goals in a community of women just like you. With fit & thick we believe that you do not need fad diets, expensive surgies, & wieght loss supplements. You just need a simple workout plan & place to grow, to push yourself, & stay motivated! Because starting your fitness journey is only 20% of the journey & we understand! 

Here is what the fit & thick membership will do for you.

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The fit & thick membership will give you better fitness & body results.

You have goals & fit & thick is here to accomplish them. The fit & thick program is designed to get to you to your fitness goals. Fit & thick is made for your everyday woman so we understand that everybody is different, however using our system will get you on track to achieving your most pressing fitness goals & results.

The fit & thick membership will give you an easy workout plan.

Our workouts were developed for you personally. The fit & thick workouts were made for your everyday woman. These workouts were made to simple, easy, & made simple. This allow you to workout quicker & consistently so that you can see the fitness results you are looking for.

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The fit & thick membership will give you a community of like-minded women.

Your daily workouts will not be enough. The fit & thick program will surround you with women who look like you. Experiencing life like you are as well as going on the same journey that you are going on. The fit & thick community is going to be one most important reason that you have accomplished your fitness goals.

Meet your fitness coach.

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Grace Rebecca

Fitness Coach

I believe

That just because you are not an athlete does not give you a pass to be fat.  I believe your average woman falls into the beginner/intermediate level of fitness & if you are on the beginner to intermediate fitness level, your workouts should be easy & simple enough to complete every day. I believe that all you need to accomplish your fitness goals/results you simply need to simple plan & environment that supports you!

I believe that you can create the body that you looking for, enjoy the food that you love, & stop hating working out.


 The only way to achieve these results is by you moving out of the old mindset of fitness. The old way of fitness is working just to get flat stomachs & big butts & just losing weight just for a special occasion. This mindset will have you following impossible workouts that you absolutely hate, fad diets that strip you away from enjoying the foods that you love, & comparing yourself to other women who don't workout. 

 Now it is time for you to move into the new mindset of fitness. Which is having an easy workout plan for the level of fitness that you are currently on. Also no longer being concerned with keeping up with social trends, your favorite celebrity/influencer, & being insecure about your body & fitness journey. The new way of fitness will empower you to achieve and maintain your desired fitness results without wasting your time, money & energy. 

Hear from some of our fit & thick ladies.


Hear what the members are saying about the fit & thick workouts.

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